Disputes & Litigation

While legal disputes are undeniably an unwelcome distraction for any business, we help eliminate the stress by quickly identifying your objectives and achieving the best possible outcome.


Our determined and decisive commercial dispute resolution team has extensive experience in conducting a broad range of commercial disputes in all State and Federal jurisdictions, providing strategic advice designed to resolve disputes before they escalate. If a matter should proceed to litigation, we adopt a commercially sound approach to protect our clients’ interests, and involve all parties at every stage of the process.


Our areas of expertise in disputes include:
• Contracts and agreements • Partnerships and shareholders • Property & Leasing • Building, construction and planning • Licensing (such as liquor licensing) • Intellectual Property • Debt recovery, insolvency & bankruptcy • Trusts and breaches of fiduciary duties


Experience Talks.
Any dispute, no matter how big or small, puts a huge stress on you and your business, so if there’s a way to mitigate the process and get you back to focussing on what you do best, our expert team will find it.

Our methods of strategic negotiation and mediation can help solve disputes before they escalate, avoiding the time-consuming, costly experience of going to court.


Sense & Sensibility
Family law is a particularly sensitive and complex area of the law. As such, it requires an understanding of how to balance emotionally charged issues with expert advice and solutions tailored to deliver a positive outcome. We treat our family law matters as a commercial law dispute, maintaining an outcome-driven focus which also serves to minimise the stress and cost typically associated with these disputes.
Our areas of expertise in family law include:
• Matrimonial property division • De facto relationships • Divorce and separation • Negotiation and resolution • Parenting plans and parenting orders • Business and commercial law issues arising in more complex separation and divorce matters.


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