Commercial & Corporate

The commercial landscape can be tricky to navigate and one move in the wrong direction could push your business off course. With our proactive team of specialists committed to the growth of your business every step of the way, you can forge ahead confident in the knowledge that we’ll be there to take care of any legal roadblocks along the journey to success. No matter what you need, be it contracts, agreements or any commercial transaction, your Zervos team is on hand to deliver value-added legal advice and solutions tailored to your industry and commercial objectives.


Buy. Sell. Win. Win.
Our specialist commercial team has an enviable track record in this regard, effortlessly navigating and demystifying the complex critical steps in the purchase and sale of businesses in industries such as hospitality, gaming, professional services and IT. In short, we make it look and feel easy.

The key to the success and profitability of buying or selling any business is to ensure that the commercial expectations of both parties are met.


Right place. Right people.
After you’ve taken the time to find the perfect property for your business, it’s time to find the perfect people to handle the leasing process. While on the surface the leasing process may look easy, in many circumstances in can be annoyingly complex, especially if there is a significant fit out or the property is yet to be redeveloped or constructed. Your Zervos Team is here from start to finish.

With intimate knowledge of the leasing law and required processes, we help you secure a successful and prosperous lease.


The first building block to success.
Our expert team sets a foundation for your business that stands you in good stead for the future, with a corporate structure that considers the maintenance and performance of each parties rights, responsibilities and benefits, taxation advantages, asset protection and exit strategies.

At Zervos, we encourage our clients to start as they mean to finish. On top.

That means getting the right corporate structure in place from the very beginning.