Zervos Lawyers provides legal advice in a range of industries relating to entertainment law. Our clients include venue owners, TV personalities, film & TV producers, documentary film makers, music producers, musicians, screenwriters & developers.

We are adept in providing advice to talent, artists, rights owners and rights users, We focus on ensuring the legal framework of a project is in place. This allows our clients to achieve the maximum reward from their creative endeavours.

We understand the need of rights owners to protect the interests they hold in the work they have produced and we work to ensure that rights users are achieving the highest level of return on their investment.

Due to our extensive experience acting for a variety of different stakeholders in these matter, we understand the importance of protecting our client’s intellectual property.

In a digital age where content creators and producers are in a position to self-distribute content online, we understand the changing legal landscape that governs that distribution.


  • Talent/performer agreements
  • Promoter agreements
  • License agreements between rights holders and rights users
  • Distribution agreements
  • Copyright advice for rights owner and users
  • Film & TV cast & crew agreements
  • Film & TV writer/producer agreements
  • Film & TV music commission agreements
  • Ambassador Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Trade mark registration & protection

Film & TV Production

  • Preparation, review and/or advice relating to agreements for all aspects of film & TV production
  • Ensuring compliance with all legal deliverables associated with commercial distribution of content
  • Liaising with commercial distributors and sales agents